Join Our Team - as a Member

Please Download the Membership Application form and submit the same after fulfilling mentioned norms.

1. 18 years and above is the eligibility to be a member of the Trust.

2. The Trust can sue against me for committing any misconduct or evil companion or damaging any property of the Trust.

3. I shall be liable to render voluntary service for the interest of the Trust at least for 2 hours in a week as and when it will be required..

4. Individually I may be loyal to or follower of any political party but shall not indulge in politics or political activities in the Trust and shall always be alert that no political influence vitiates activities of the Trust.

5. I shall not use any money or and property of the Trust for my own interest.

6. I shall actively participate in all activities of the Trust. I shall be liable to repay or return within the stipulated time money or goods, if any, taken by me while implementing any programme of the Trust. In case of non-compliance, action taken against me by the Governing Body shall remaining binding on me.

7. I shall remain liable to discharge any responsibility, entrusted upon me, with honesty, sincerity and respect and hand over the same to the General Secretary of the Trust.

8. If I confront with any dispute, I shall settle the same discussing with all others of the Trust .

9. If I act anything against the mission and purpose or be unable to accept the above terms and conditions of the Trust , actions , taken in majority by the Governing Body of the Trust, shall remain binding on me.

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