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01. The Home is open to all, irrespective of caste, creed or religion subject to the age requirement below.

02. The applicant seeking admission must be able to take all necessary care of his / her daily routine such as bath, visiting the toilet and attending to his / her toilet needs by himself / herself changing his / her clothes and finally going to the dining hall without any external aid or assistance.

03. The age for admission of an applicant is 50 years and above. Proof of age may be requested and if necessary shall be provided.

04. Application for admission to the Home shall be made in the prescribed form copies of which can be obtained from Administrator on written request and on payment of the prescribed fees Rs.200/- (Rupees Two Hundred) in cash. All applicants are required to produce a signed medical statement.

05. Admission shall take place every week from Monday to Friday between 10.00 A.M. to 12.00 Noon and 2.00 P.M. to 6.00 P.M.

06. At the time of admission, full name, address and telephone numbers of the next of Kin agreeing to take responsibility of the resident in the event of death, must be furnished by the applicant.

07. The Application duly filled up and complete in all respect must reach the administrator, ordinarily at least one week before the date on which admission is requested by the applicant. Applications for admission will be registered in the order of receipt in the office. Application for admission shall be accompanied by two copies of recent passport size photograph of the applicant.

08. The screening committee of ‘SHRADDHA’ will decide upon the admission on the basis of the physical and mental condition of the applicant at the time of interview. A further medical check-up may be requested, if and when found necessary.

09. The decision of the screening committee as concerns the acceptance or rejection of any application for admission shall be final, conclusive and binding and shall not be open to any question whatsoever. No reasons may be attributed for rejecting an application. The decision shall be notified by the Administrator or Authorised person to the applicant in writing.

10. Every selected applicant shall execute an agreement with SUNDARBAN NIRMAL PARIBESH MISION (SNPM), setting out the terms, conditions and regulations governing their stay at the Home. The agreement shall be in the prescribed form on a stamp paper of Rs.10/- (Rupees Ten). Admission is conditional upon the selected applicants entering into and signing the agreement. He / She shall pay to the ‘SHRADDHA’, a security deposit of Rs. ………….. by Cheque / Draft drawn in favour of “SUNDARBAN NIRMAL PARIBESH MISION”. These Rules constitute an integral part of the Agreement and shall be strictly complied with by the selected applicant at all times during his / her stay at the Home. GRANT OF FACILITIES :

11. The residents will be granted accommodation at ‘SHRADDHA’ at the home either in a furnished Single Beded A.C. Room or in Double Beded A.C. Room with attached bath and toilet facilities.

12. Residents who come in as a couple shall be entitled to a Double Beded A.C. Room allocation of accommodation units to the residents shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of the ‘SHRADDHA’ and their decision in this regard shall be final and conclusive.

13. The ‘SHRADDHA AUTHORITY shall be entitled to shift a resident from one accommodation unit to another, if considered necessary or desirable. No objection shall be raised by a resident who is required to be shifted in this regard. STAY AT THE HOME :

14. Every resident shall bring with him / her all his / her personal necessities like toothbrush, cosmetics, toiletries, cloths and prescribed medicines.

15. No resident should being with him / her in the Home allotted to him / her any valuables / precious articles. If he/ she does, it shall be at his / her own risk as to all consequences including theft or loss.

16. Every resident shall keep and look after his / her belongings and the authorities shall in no way be responsible for any damage or loss of the same.


17. No meals or breakfast shall be served in the Unit. Every resident shall have to go to the dining room for all meals and breakfast. No special meals will be served except on medical grounds certified by the medical practitioner of the home. Meals will be vegetarian / nonvegetarian types.

18. The daily timings of food shall be as follows unless otherwise notified separately –

a) Morning Tea : 06:00 A.M. To 07:00 A.M.

b) Breakfast : 08:30 A.M. To 09:30 A.M.

c) Lunch : 01:30 P.M. To 02:30 P.M.

d) Tea : 05:00 P.M. To 06:00 P.M.

e) Dinner : 08:30 P.M. To 09:30 P.M.

19. Supervision of the mess and fixing of the weekly menu of breakfast and meals shall be done by the Administrator in consultation with the authority of the ‘SHRADDHA’.

20. No resident shall in any circumstances enter the kitchen to take part in the serving or interfere with the normal functions of the Kitchen staff.

21. No utensils shall be tampered with or removed from the dinning hall and no damage of any kind shall be cause to the fitting or other valuables of the home by an resident. If any damage is caused by the resident, he / she shall be liable to take good such loss.


22. No resident shall leave the Home without prior intimation to the Administrator and he / she is required to provide all details, including name and contact details of the person he / she is living.

23. It is obligatory to enter in the movement register, the name, address purpose of visit, mode of transport and telephone numbers of the person to be visited by the resident. The keys of the room shall be deposited in the office of the administrator at all times before the resident leaves the home even for a short duration.

24. A resident shall leave the home at his / her risk and should any untoward incident occurs, the management shall not be responsible or liable.

25. Every resident moving out of the home is expected to return to the home before 9.00 P.M. Any resident who is likely to return later than 9.00 P.M. shall inform the person at the counter, the expect time of his return which shall be entered in the movement register.


26. Visitors will be permitted only during specified timings and enter details of their entry and exist in the log book.

a) Between 10.00 A.M. to 11.30 Noon &

b) Between 4.00 P.M. to 6.00 P.M.

27. Visitors will not be allowed to stay at Home. However, in exceptional circumstances, visitors may be permitted to stay, if proper written permission has been obtained from the home authority by paying the appropriate guest charges for guest room.


28. If resident has any complaints or suggestions, he / she shall lodge or refer the same to the Administrator and shall not enter into any verbal altercation or physical fight and also litigation or dispute with any person, co-resident, employee or any member of the management / staff.

29. The home authority shall be entitled in their absolute discretion alter, modify, omit or amend the above Rules and Regulations, without any prior notice and the same shall be binding on the residents.

30. Any indulgence granted to resident for payment of dues or other facilities shall not be considered as creation of any right in favour of any other resident. Such indulgence shall always be without prejudice to right of the home authority to take appropriate action against such defaulting resident.

31. On discharge of a resident from the home or on death, articles and effects, if any, not removed by such resident or his designated next of kind from the unit allotted to him / her in time shall be shifted from the room and kept in the custody of the Administrator for a period not exceeding two weeks and shall be delivered to resident or a duly authorised nominee / next of kin against a signed receipt there of. If such articles of effects are not taken away by the resident of the next of kin even after the expiry of the time specified above, the administrator shall be free to deal with or dispose of them in any manner deemed fit without any further notice.

32. It is advisable for the resident to procure a Medical Insurance Policy of any recognised Insurance Company upto ……….. Lakhs every year preferably from the resident side. The cost of premium will be borne by the resident.

33. If any provision of this Rules & Regulations is invalid or unenforceable or prohibited by Law, it shall be treated for all purpose as served from these Rules & Regulations and infecting to the extent of such invalidity or non enforceability, without affecting in any manner the remaining provisions hereof, which shall continue to be valid binding.

34. This Rules & Regulations shall be governed by the Laws of India and shall be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the appropriate Courts in Calcutta.

35. The resident agrees to conduct himself / herself in strict compliance with any and all Central, State and / or other local Laws and regulations while either on or off the premises of the Home.

36. No boarder will have the right to transfer his / her boardership to any other person (not transferable).