Our Mission

To provide a respectable healthy life of love , joy and peace to the senior citizens in the twilight of their life cycle as old age is not a disease , but a natural process in the life cycle of human being such as childhood, adolescence and manhood or woman hood. Or two bighas of land, 64 baded, 14000 Sqft, two storied building construction of the Old Agee Home for Senior Citizen's iss in progress. Ground Floor of 7000 Sqft construction is already completed. - To provide child welfare (Orphan / Physically Challanged) through free home facilities and Woman Empowerment through different types of activities as well as Mother & Child Care Awareness Etc. - To bring the under privileged , indigent section of the society to the main stream through proper medical care free of cost, enlightenment about need of education in life by imparting free education, vocational training to the youth thereby making them self sufficient in life and educating people about human values in life. - To protect the environment from ruthless destruction of GOD's creation by human beings for future progeny of this universe. - To maintain and improve natural environment of the sundarban area along with upliftment of local people. To bring the message "Health is Wealth" to youth generation by organizing physical training programme. - To make people aware of social evils like dowry , Bride burning, aids and other sexually transmitted disease.

Our Vision

Sundarban Nirmal Paribesh Mission will be the leading integrated senior citizen service provider for high quality, health care, training and education and natural protection in India Values: S = Service Centered U = Unity N = Niche I = Integrity P = Perseverance A = Assurance M = Magnanimity (SUNIPAM)